What are the Best Super Nintendo Games?

18 Mar

Obviously, we hear some names being thrown around a lot when we ask the question what are the top SNES games? Games like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World (both 1 and 2), Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid etc. We all just go search for articles which state the top 10 list for best SNES games and find out they’re all the same games (most the time). Here is a list of games which you might not have tried, but definitely should try:

Shadowrun (Cyberpunk RPG) – This is one of my favourite game of all time, not just on Super nintendo, although the game can be difficult due to the controls and there’ll be things that are hard to notice such as items on the ground. There are walkthroughs if you get stuck and frustrated, but my best advice would be to pay very close attention to little details as they could be items required to move further on with the plot. I placed this game first on the list because I thought you should all give it a try.

Inindo Way of the Ninja (Japanese based RPG)

Inindo SNES

UN Squadron (Scrolling Shooter)

UN Squadron

Terranigma (Quintet RPG)

Terranigma Tenchi Sōzō

EVO Search for Eden (Evolution action based game)


Uncharted Waters New Horizons (Exploration driven RPG game)

Uncharted Waters on SNES

ActRaiser (platformer)

Best Super Nintendo Games

These are all really good games which I recommend everyone to try out. If there are any that should be on this list then let me know.

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Best Super Nintendo Games


A look at the 3DS

8 Jun

The new 3DS console is the fastest selling handy device and is making waves all over the world. This game brings a real change and make use of such features that are not being used before most particularly in a handy device such as 3D, other features like multi-players and streetpass. 3DS console is really a hot device with faster processing, wonderful graphics and offer multi-player function as compared to PSP, so, it is better to call it a hottest device. The 3Ds console has created a breakthrough entry in the portable gaming zone, it has auto 3D display which eliminates the need of special glasses, it gives you a more realistic experience of playing games. The enticing feature of this game is it displayed the obstacles and its characters in such way that improves the skill levels of the users quickly.

3DS Console

The 3DS console also improves the feature of wireless connection that is almost on the same level with the Smartphones exiting nowadays. It can also exchange the data with other console even while the user is just passing through a street with this device in hand. This feature is named as streetpass. Data can be shared from the device even if it is in sleep mode. For WiFi detection there is another wireless features with the name spotpass even it can detect the wifi in a sleep mode and similar other free software can be downloaded.

Few features of the 3DS console:

  • One of the newest and the main feature of this handheld device is its latest 3D camera.
  • It has 3 different cameras that create a 3d effect, 1 internal and 2 external cameras.
  • This device has built in gyroscope or motion sensor, which is used in the game movement, and help the device in looking around, like you can use this for controlling the character in super-monkey-ball-3DS and also to look on the sneak up the enemies and around the corner in metal-gear-solid 3DS.
  • It is very light and small weight only 8 ounces. Such lightweight device that you can carry everywhere easily like a light weight camera in your hand.
  • It has a capacity for data storage 2GB at hard drive
  • Some of its additional features are depth 3d slider, wi fi capability, circle pad, touch screen, mii maker, 3d camera, motion sensor, microphone built in all these features make it a unique and favorite device for all.
  • It has a rechargeable battery, that start works for additional 3 hours without plugging it. The battery takes almost 4 hours for charging. Battery life also depends on various factors and also on the screen display.
  • 3DS console is more advanced and improved than its predecessors although it still retains the physical appearance of its predecessors in a larger size.
  • 3Ds console has a very simple and user friendly interface that it does not require any special skills to play. Just simple instructions are more than enough for anyone to play and get the real gaming experience.

Want something retro instead? Try out these Super Nintendo games:


Some really sick games you probably haven’t tried yet there. Go check it out now!

Luigi’s mansion: Dark Moon

31 May

Luigi’s mansion-Dark Moon is also known as Luigi’s Mansion 2, this is an adventure-action puzzle play as it is the sequel of Luigi’s Mansion of 2001 game. This game is printed by Nintendo and  made by the “next-level-games ”. This game totally revolves around a character named as “Luigi” that is sent by E. Gadd professor, his main task is to explore several haunted mansions, has to arrest the ghost, making use of the Poltergust 5000 and also use a special kind of vacuum cleaner in completing his assigned tasks. Dark moon 2 offers various mansions to the player for exploring, add new ghosts and multiple puzzles to crack, Luigi has to complete numerous tasks that are being assigned by E. Gadd professor.

E. Gadd resides in a laboratory that is located in the area named as “Evershade valley”. He tries to know about the various friendly ghosts living in this area. But as the dark-moon explodes the ghosts become aggressive suddenly, then Luigi is called into action to collect back the fragments of the dark-moon that are scattered in various mansions.

All and all this game is a mixture of sucking ghosts and puzzle solving. In these two activities solving the puzzle is the more dominant activity. It involves running around the five mansions of the game. Searching ghouls, keys and to find the correct item to move that item to the next level.

Playing this game is a fun and adventurous too, as finding new ways of accomplishing the task and making use of different tools in haunting ghosts has its new charm and craze that make this game an interesting. This game involves your brain in different ways and will take an hour or so to complete the game. After completing each mission you will be provided with a rank between 1 to 3 stars that tells you how many boos, coins and gems you have collected, and also tells you the ghost types that you have gathered. There is not much chance for you to increase the scores but you have to search the hidden boos and germs that will unlock the bonus level. For many parts the control is very smooth.

Luigi is not jumping like a mario he has different tools he uses for arresting ghosts. He has a special kind of vacuum that he uses for sucking the ghosts and also pull away any obstacle that comes in his way. Luigi has to fight ghosts that is also an interesting part of the game, he has to defense against the ghost strikes and Luigi use various objects in protecting himself. Ghosts are in different colors like red, blue and green and giving you different scores by killing them. Exploration is the important part of the game that lead you to the next level and give you money. At each stage you have to collect coins, gold bars and dollars that are hidden in each mansions and it will also give you an upgrade in the vacuum and make you more powerful while fighting against ghosts.

Nintendo Games

13 Apr

Nintendo video game company has been around since 1974, when the Japanese based company first ventured into video games. From then on, it has released a number of video games that are enjoyed by many throughout the world, from the young to the old. The most famous video game was that of super Mario that provides the player many different and new things to do; even if you play for long., you will have things left out. This is because it has a number of hidden games or items that were bound to keep the player entertained.

There have been a number of games released by Nintendo, some of which include:

  • Alleyway which was an action game released in 2011, in this game Mario would hit a ball to the wall and eliminate as many bricks as possible, when there remains an empty space with no more bricks then the player moved on to another level. With new levels attained and reached the wall formation would change from the basic rectangle to more complicated patterns.
  • Brain Age: Train your brain in minutes a day, which was an educational game that was released in 2006 that provided the player with a number of quick mental activities that would help in keeping their DS brain in shape. Some of the activities included counting for math problems, drawing pictures or even reading out loud. Some of the more popular activities were Sudoku which is a number puzzle game
  • Crashmo which was a puzzles game that was released in 2012, in this game the player is presented with a number of puzzles in order to test their brains.
  • Dillion’s Rolling Western which was an adventure game that was released in 2012, this is a 3d tower game which blends strategy with action.
  • Fortune street review, which is a board game that was released in 2011, it requires the player to participate in stock markets and real estate in order to make a fortune.

Super Nintendo Mario was the most popular of all the games; it could be played by a single person or by two people, with one playing as Mario and the other as Luigi. The whole point of the game was to try and save the princess who was kept eight worlds apart by foe Bowser. The two players would choose to either play together as a team or against each other

Captivating Nature of Mario Games

10 Apr

mario games

As is well known, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, designated as SNES, first got launched in the United States back in 1981. The series of games it has produced have gone through tremendous competition from its competitors and managed to remain standing. This video game has very well dominated the gaming industry for quite some time now.

Among the prime highlights of SNES is that of being quite child friendly, as opposed to other video games which have significant degree of content targeting adults. Parents therefore do not have much to be concerned about the gaming series produced by Super Nintendo. They may go ahead to relax as their young ones get engaged in play. It nonetheless develops thinking patterns and keeps motor skills active.

Mario is among the most appreciated characters by Super Nintendo. The game is extremely popular, engaging players in numerous plots that take account of minor tasks needed for achieving set goals. There are several stories contained in Mario series, which any gamer passes through and tackles in every particular story.

Mario is one character who faces quite a few challenges every step of the way. There is a lot which is not known ahead, causing surprises each time round and keeping players deeply engrossed. The lead character, Mario, has looks that both children and adults find very appealing.

Mario games are characterized by huge amounts of running, jumping and surprising events every other time. The action keeps gamers swift, alert and action ready always. You can collect stars at each step, which are equivalent to points.

Majority of persons opt to play with video consoles whereas others yet prefer downloading them directly from the World Wide Web. New Mario games may be played all alone as well as with partners. This liberty makes them even more captivating group sport which is fun to play.

Taking part in this game is among the interactions which are healthiest, being also a good brainteaser. The techno game has passed through a host of updates to become a most friendly and refined gaming system. A lot of persons enjoy playing Mario games where the main character is on rescue mission of princess who is held captive by the enemy. The journey to castle needs for Mario to travel across eight worlds, crossing several hurdles in order to access the princess. He faces hurdles that are quite tricky, at times even seeming harmless.

Assessing the Significance of Super Nintendo

8 Apr

This post was written by Gaming Point, be sure to read their top 10 SNES games list.

SNES Super Nintendo is seen by many individuals as the new era of video games. The console totally transformed the world of video games into an entirely new world through introduction of new ideas and concepts of gaming. It mainly focused on game play as opposed to graphics and as yet remains popular to date among fans of Nintendo, emulation users and collectors.

History of Super Nintendo

The Entertainment system known as Super Nintendo got released in 1991 on North America round about the same season as Sega Genesis. There was enormous war going on pitting Sega Genesis and SNES. Although Sega Genesis got released earlier, which gave it lower price and more game selection, Super Nintendo still held its own. Nintendo at last dominated the 16-bit market of video games completely, remaining extremely popular right into the period of 32-bits.

Nintendo has been considered always to be milder on child users as game brand. As the tussle between Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis was proceeding, Sega Genesis did claim to possess more games which were adult oriented. The outcome of this was that Super Nintendo outclassed Sega Genesis, clearly showing that game concept and design bear greater significance than any age group targeted. Nintendo always has focused on creating new concepts of gaming up to this day, which is major reason for the enormous sustained success it still experiences.

Emulation Software

Since SNES games are not in production any longer, emulation software has now become quite popular and is used for playing video game consoles of older version. Normally, emulation software is free to download onto computer, permitting one to upload all favorite games. All one needs is USB adapter which fits into controller for Super Nintendo or other kind of computer controller having sufficient buttons for covering SNES functions.

The Super Nintendo most popular at present is ZSNES emulator, software that runs on an average contemporary computer system flawlessly. ZNES has even add-on allowing users to play along with fellow-users over the Web in real time. This aspect simulates the warmth of playing with family and friends.

To summarize, it is hardly surprisingly that a lot of individuals view Super Nintendo system as the Video gaming Golden Age. It always is a lot of fun to engage in and you can enjoy favorite games, especially owing to the outstanding emulation software. Log on to the World Wide Web to various review websites that address this amazing console.

The superiority of Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past’- Super Nintendo Game

7 Apr

Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past’ – Super Nintendo Game remains unrivalled in the market for long. Players report of special attachment to its plot and high enjoyment. Here are more reasons why the game will continue to rule the game world and why you should try it to get the special enjoyment.

Highly adventurous

When you set out to look for a game, the main thing you want to have is a strong challenge that gives you special encounters. Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past’ – Super Nintendo Game is set in a highly challenging environment which will require you to have special wits and creativity to win. Link, the main character gets the message of Princess Zelda that she is held captive and locked in Hyrule Castle. The battle to rescue the princess is characterized by great struggle which is very involving and lovely.

You have to counter special terrain, structures and opponents who are specially armed to defend their captive. You are not only required to master your weapons, but adopt the right combat actions to succeed. For example, when Link, gets his uncle is wounded, he has to get ways of getting to the castle and even use routes such as secret passages. This is truly involving.

Easy to understand and use controls

Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past’ – Super Nintendo Game has stood out from others because of its easy controls that makes players to master it easily. Whether it is navigating through the special terrain, the controls are easy for most people to use. However, it is advisable for those playing it for the first time to take some moments to understand before playing. Those who have come to like the game indicate that though you may not necessarily win in the first round [immediately after buying] you should in subsequent games.

Special graphics and sounds

Though the game developers used simple graphics of 8 Mbit, it was meant to make it lighter and playable in more media. The resultant images however adopted graphic compression on its SNES. Though special compression of colors, the images are clearer and brighter compared to the previous versions. The sounds have further been designed carefully to match the movements and use of weapons. You will indeed get a sense of total presence of the section you are playing such as movements or even firing of different weaponry.

Why Nintendo Wii takes 2D games to a higher level

6 Apr

Because of the ever changing technology with time, playing games has radically transformed. Most of the earlier designed games were largely categorized either into indoor or outdoor types. Indoor games however changed to become video games played on screens. The changing platform saw Nintendo taking over and capitalizing on the advantage to make higher returns.


The launch of Nintendo Wii threw the entire gamming concept into frenzy. The gaming console brought a new way to identify with characters and even personalize others in 2D technologies. For example, the players easily controlled activities, changed their landscape, and even sounds that delivered special enjoyment.


2D technology particularly proved a preference to many because Nintendo brought aboard additional accessories that were easy to use and control the entire plot. For example, the remote, play disk and other controllers made the game highly interactive. In advanced 2D games, Nintendo made sensors that sense the movements of the player as the games progresses.


Nintendo understood the need for consistency and availability to more people. While this is seen as a marketing effort, Nintendo made these games into a house-hold commodity for greater enjoyment. This was made possible by the fact that 2D technology unlike the more advanced 3D model is playable on standard machines. This makes most adults and even parents to consider


The features of 2D games are developed using special technology normally C++ which enables the artist to create special moves and make the games even more lovely. This technology is applied by Nintendo to enrich the especially creative plots and landscapes for players. For example, a player is able to pursue their opponents win or loose their games.


In most games, Nintendo has taken the experience higher by making it possible for several players to participate in a single game. For example, you could either play a collaborative role with your friend in a 2D game or opposing sides. Remember that you are also at liberty to select the weaponry you need to win against your opponents. Nintendo Wii even sets levels that you need to reach in the game to advance. This makes your play more objective and enjoyable.


Though 2D games are being considered a little old fashioned and prompting more people to shit to three dimension models, they still have a lot for you to enjoy. You no longer have to worry about the games, Nintendo has developed the best and you will get great enjoyment. Start playing Nintendo Wii 2D games now and get the special enjoyment.
This Article was written by Gaming Point. They also have a post on 2D Games – Lone Survivor. Make sure you check it out if you love Horror games, cause this one is in 16-bit!