What are the Best Super Nintendo Games?

18 Mar

Obviously, we hear some names being thrown around a lot when we ask the question what are the top SNES games? Games like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World (both 1 and 2), Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid etc. We all just go search for articles which state the top 10 list for best SNES games and find out they’re all the same games (most the time). Here is a list of games which you might not have tried, but definitely should try:

Shadowrun (Cyberpunk RPG) – This is one of my favourite game of all time, not just on Super nintendo, although the game can be difficult due to the controls and there’ll be things that are hard to notice such as items on the ground. There are walkthroughs if you get stuck and frustrated, but my best advice would be to pay very close attention to little details as they could be items required to move further on with the plot. I placed this game first on the list because I thought you should all give it a try.

Inindo Way of the Ninja (Japanese based RPG)

Inindo SNES

UN Squadron (Scrolling Shooter)

UN Squadron

Terranigma (Quintet RPG)

Terranigma Tenchi Sōzō

EVO Search for Eden (Evolution action based game)


Uncharted Waters New Horizons (Exploration driven RPG game)

Uncharted Waters on SNES

ActRaiser (platformer)

Best Super Nintendo Games

These are all really good games which I recommend everyone to try out. If there are any that should be on this list then let me know.

For more awesome SNES games visit:

Best Super Nintendo Games


One Response to “What are the Best Super Nintendo Games?”

  1. free runescape membership August 27, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    Great games you got there. I really enjoyed Chrono Trigger and you forgot to mention Earthbound. Also like games such as Runescape… well it has SNES graphics right?

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